Deluxe Chicago Crushed Velvet Sofa Collection

Our Deluxe Chicago Crushed Velvet Sofa Collection is made to the highest standard in our midland factory.

The Stunning Chicago Collection, offers an unbeatable combination of style and value for money. The Chicago Range can be made from soft structured jumbo corded fabrics, crushed velvet or patterned material. This amazing range has deep filled-fibre seats and back cushions making the Chicago a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture for your living room.

PRODUCT STYLES: 3 & 2 seater Sofas, Corner sofa, single chair or swivel and Footstools.

COMBINATIONS: The Deluxe Chicago Collection is available in many other combinations and colours of your choice.

2 Seaters Sofa – Size 151cm x 90cm
3 Seater Sofa – Size 201cm x 90cm
2 & 3 Seater Sofa Combination
Left or Right Hand Corner – Size 212cm x 164cm

2 Corner 2 – Size 202cm x 202cm

Cuddle Chair – 110cm Round

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Approx. Sizes Below

 22068939_1725369904436134_1290374856_o   22070562_1725369921102799_611280594_o   22050419_1725369924436132_1774447485_o22050869_1725370071102784_2676752_o   22069038_1725370031102788_179191647_o   22092501_1725369727769485_866556501_o   22050544_1725369747769483_2087951411_o   22070336_1725369754436149_265921939_o   22017124_1725369681102823_706128826_o22070541_1725369787769479_667161948_o   22070205_1725369817769476_375016211_o   22070581_1725369841102807_323621475_o   22068888_1725369854436139_1129643538_o   22095522_1725428497763608_240643175_o   22050753_1725369871102804_1223212589_o   Chicago crushed velvet 2c2