Deluxe Chicago Sofa Collection

Our Deluxe Chicago Sofa Collection is made to the highest standard in our midland factory.

The Stunning Deluxe Chicago Collection, offers an unbeatable combination of style and value for money. The Deluxe Chicago Range can be made from soft structured jumbo corded fabrics, crushed velvet or patterned material. This amazing range has deep filled-fibre seats and back cushions making the Chicago a comfortable and stylish piece of furniture for your living room.

PRODUCT STYLES: 3 & 2 seater Sofas, Corner sofa, single chair or swivel and Footstools.

COMBINATIONS: The Deluxe Chicago Collection is available in many other combinations and colours of your choice.

2 Seaters Sofa – Size 151cm x 90cm
3 Seater Sofa – Size 201cm x 90cm
2 & 3 Seater Sofa Combination
Left or Right Hand Corner – Size 212cm x 164cm

2 Corner 2 – Size 202cm x 202cm

Cuddle Chair – 110cm Round

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Approx. Sizes Below

 22047509_1725368781102913_96733364_o   22050566_1725368814436243_1864774275_o   22017055_1725368827769575_88193020_o22047629_1725369054436219_246425803_o   22070412_1725368847769573_701842213_o   22047417_1725369161102875_1991206933_o   22070552_1725369181102873_975003116_o   22047244_1725369184436206_1715634799_o   22047554_1725369274436197_64592517_o22017128_1725369221102869_651354151_o   22050831_1725369331102858_99134733_o   22070329_1725369444436180_395884819_o   22050726_1725369391102852_39206718_o   22068760_1725368907769567_1369322230_o   22050540_1725368927769565_1083087142_o22070433_1725368934436231_2106821406_o   22047529_1725369077769550_388945509_o   22050518_1725368994436225_111106030_o   22047312_1725369497769508_480020059_o   22050560_1725369524436172_1252491336_o   22047566_1725369531102838_2095512002_o22047280_1725369601102831_1224830806_o   22047267_1725369571102834_1740667118_o   Chicago 2c2 jumbo cord