Mayfair Crushed Velvet Sofa Collection

Our Mayfair Crushed Velvet Sofa Collection comes in rich and luxurious fabric with an stunning effect is created by crushing the fabric by hand, this enables the shot effect to show through and give the velvet a unique look allowing it to be used in both classic and contemporary lifestyles.

AVAILABLE COLOURS: Various Colours and designs

MATERIALS: Premium Crushed velvet

PRODUCT STYLES: 3 Seaters, 2 seaters, Standard Corner, Cuddle Chair.

COMBINATIONS: The Candy Crushed Sofa Collection is available in many combinations.

2 Seaters Sofa – Size 178cm x 90cm – £295
3 Seater Sofa – Size 208cm x 90cm – £325
2 & 3 Seater Sofa Combination – £545
Corner Sofa – Size 260cm x 190cm – £545
Cuddle Chair – Size 110cm Round – £295
Standard Footstool – £95
Large Footstool – £125

Please contact message us or Call us on 07956554895.

Approx. Sizes Below

22292258_1728314504141674_1002731061_o 22281339_1728314394141685_362336300_o  22279215_1728314407475017_106852614_o  22281282_1728314304141694_415367396_o  22323628_1728314560808335_1625436065_o   22290623_1728314477475010_1117293381_o   22290912_1728314450808346_238230380_o   22279298_1728314340808357_625478911_o   22343799_1728314517475006_2020344378_o   22292384_1728314354141689_1329976075_o   22279239_1728314430808348_1773268280_o   22312187_1728314327475025_250449640_o   22281308_1728314280808363_675094760_o